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We are pleased to offer you a new menu. With a clear focus on healthy eating !!

In our restaurant you will enjoy exuberant salads, delicious appetizers, a wide range of seafood and fresh fish, meat options and cooked dishes of the day!

You will accompany your food with fine wine or the spirits of our own production (tsikoudia and rakomelo). For the end, definitely keep space for a homemade dessert!


Cretan Salad     7,40 €

with tomato, cucumber, barley rusk, green peppers, mizithra cheese olive oil and  oregano

Minoas Salad    7,40€

with green leaves, stamnagathi,red peppers,grilled mushrooms,Gruyère cheese and balsamic vinaigrette

Quinoa  salad     7,00€

with three kinds of quinoa,cherry tomatoes,basil ,beetroot and cashew cream and saffran mayonaise (VEGAN)

Shrimps  Salad     8,80€

with baby arugula,mango,fennel,beetroot,groats witn sundried fruits and orange vinaigrette

Octopus Salad     8,80€

marinated with citrus and beetroot vinegraite, served with crunochy fennel and raddish, olives and caper


Gruyere cheese      5,50 €

Cretan Gruyere cheese saganaki with chutney tomato

Grilled Mushrooms    7,00€

Grilled mushrooms with miso cream, vegan Parmesan cheese, and fried kale (vegan)

Cretan Dakos    5,00€

barley rusk with tomato,Mizithra cheese ,olive oil and oregano

Open Dolmas     6,50€

with aromatic herbs, oven roasted rice served with peanuts /harissa cream sause (vegan)

Shepherd’s mezes    6,50€

mezes with Staka cream with apaki(smoked pork),crushed potatoes and herbs

Beef croquettes 6,00€

with avocado mayonnaise and red pepper’s pesto

Steamed mussels   8,80

in white wine with safran sauce and curry

Ceviche    10,00€

Ceviche Seabass served with cretan citrus, red chili and coriander oil .


Boureki pie    8,00€

with zucchini, Mizithra cheese, staka and herbs

“Skioufihta” pasta    8,50€

traditional pasta with tomato sauce ,olives, Feta cheese and fresh oregano

Ravioli Mashrooms    10,80€

with porcini mushrooms,creamy sweet sauce, truffle oil and vegan Parmesan cheese

Lamb “tsigaristo”    12,00€

Smoked(tisgaristo) lamb with stamnagathi local greens and wine sauce

Pork Souvlaki    10,00€

with carob vinaigrette and groats salad with sundried fruits

Beef tagliata black angus 15,00€

Beef tagliata bleck angus – flat arion (200gr) with pepper sauce and potatoes wedges

Chicken or shrimps curry    10,80€

with sauteed broccoli, carrot,zucchini and aromatic basmati rise

Fish fillet  14,00€

Fresh fish fillet sautéed fricase zucchini, tamarisk hpmemade mayonaise

Sauteed shrimps    11,80€

with celeriac puree and cherry tomatoes with tarragon and fresh oregano

Grilled fresh squid    13,00€

Grilled and fried squid serverd with  squid ink puff rice chips and fish roe salad

Linguine frutti di Mare   13,00€

with mussels,shrimps,octopus,squids,clams and fresh  bisque


Choco Fondue    6,50€

Chocolate fondue with salty caramel and roasted hazelnuts

RIZOGALO    6,50€

Pineapple canelloni with cardamon rise pudding,sauce anglaise  and fresh strawberries